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Structure and scale your operations

From managing customer service tickets to onboarding new partners and validating workflows, bringing together the two sides of a marketplace takes a lot of effort. The last thing you want to do is to spend time and tech resources building and maintaining internal tools. 

Blitz helps fast-growing companies turn processes into powerful apps in just hours. 

Key features

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Migrate spreadsheets and Airtable to Blitz's database.
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Set up granular permissions and roles.
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Connect to any API you use.
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E-commerce & retail

Streamline your back office

As orders grow, operations have to scale at the same pace. While orders, returns, and inventory are increasing—your engineering team will be spending more time developing internal tools than improving customer experience.

Blitz helps your operations teams build the tools they need to better serve your customers. Stop using your developer bandwidth or complex ERPs, give your customer-facing teams the tools they need to manage inventory, procurement, and supply chain operations. 

Key features

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Import or build from scratch your product list.
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Turn manual processes into powerful apps.
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Control who can read and write.
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Financial services

Stay compliant at fast speed

KYC. AML-FT. Finance companies have to deal with a lot of regulatory burdens that can impact customer experience.

Blitz enables operations teams to build all the tooling and validation workflows they need to onboard new customers, evaluate risk, and prevent fraud. They can automate internal processes and manage operations at scale—such as handling credit card disputes and processing chargebacks.

Key features

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Build validation workflows adapted to your business.
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Keep all customer information in one single database.
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Use Blitz's EU servers and stay GDPR compliant.
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